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"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” –Albert Camus

Church Help Needed
We are in need of former Church members to help carry out the service of Refuge From the Storm Conference Call Church on Saturday afternoons. Would you make an appeal in your newsletter? Interested persons may contact Dr. Millicent Black at:

New Talkshoe Starting

I'm starting a Talkshoe Tuesdays & Thursdays,

(Please note atypical start and end times)
pertaining to the technology behind targetingthe first hour, then moving onto solutions, support & ACTIVISM the second hour
Hosted by: Efelder
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 141476

I sincerely hope you'll join us,


I have had morgellons for about 4 or 5 months now. I know people were saying it was parasites. I had found on the government disease control website a couple months ago they tested the debris and said it was plant like material compatible to cotton. I have two different types of debris which is fibers and black/brown dots. After studying this debris and seeing how the fibers would sometimes flow and the dots would slide from one spot to another like there was a magnetic pull, I decided the debris must be electronic. Last night in Joe's chat I told schoolbus [chat name] about it and she said to try a magnet to see if it will neutralize. It worked! I held the neodymiummagnets on the sores, now all the debris is gone and the skin is healing...


If there is someone in the Austin area who could assist Rodney Hamilton, it would be greatly appreciated. He is trying to get to Houston and ultimately to New Orleans, LA. He's presently homeless although he does have a cellphone. For those that can help, his number is: 504-446-2774.


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2T. Baking Soda2T. Corn Starch
3T. Coconut Oil
10-20 drops of Tea Tree OIl

Balance PH with homemade alkaline water
1/2 gal. purified water
! sliced lemon w/rind not squeezed
1T. Hymilayan Sea Salt
Let sit overnight.
Drink 1st thing in the morning, before you eat or drink anything.

Metals Detox
Green Tea w/
Cayenne pepper
squeezed lemon juice
raw honey
(and I threw in a little Electro-C powder)

Foods that detox the liver
Tulsi tea (holy basil)
green tea
red onion
green cabbage
dandilion greens
milk thistle (2x a day)

AS much as possible, ground yourself for at least 15mins. standing on wet grass and holding a metal pole that goes into the ground. or stand on mud in a water source. This will drain the free radicals from your system. 

Clean candida yeast out of your system with Oil of Oregano, 2 drops in a drink of your choice. This removes mold and fungus as well from your organs. Because they go into your blood, you must repeat in 2 weeks.

Maybe having these things in one place will help.
Much Love to all of you,

UPDATE: The Covert Harassment
Conference 2015 in Berlin, Germany

This year's conference grew to two days from last year's one-day event, with Dr. Nick Begich headlining the speaker's list Here are a few highlighted speakers. For more speakers and information, please visit the website:

Dr. Nick Begich's Speech

Dr. John Hall's Speech

Dr Henning Witte's Speech

Carl Clark Interview (English)
Carl Clark formerly worked for several intelligence agencies, including the CIA in the US, MI5 in England, Mossad in Israel and other countries as well. Here he gives an interesting interview about what it's like to be an organized stalker and a victim of such as well.


Dear All,
I hope you are OK.
If you were falsely arrested during last 2 years, because you dared to report to police about mind control attacks upon you, e-mail barrister Peter Rosenthal ( in Toronto, he may help you.

Galina Kurdina


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